On these pages, you will find information about available marine Master's projects at the Department of Natural History, University Museum of Bergen.

Scientific staff at the department supervise Master and PhD students registered at UiB's Department of Biological Sciences, as well as other institutions, on topics related to our research within Biosystematics and Evolution. Our research focuses on several groups of marine organisms, including annelid worms, molluscs, peracarid crustaceans, fish and various jellyfish.

Take a look at our proposed projects by selecting "All Projects" or the animal group you are interested in above. Get in touch with Manuel for molluscs, Nataliya for annelids, Anne Helene for crustaceans, Aino, Luis and Joan for cnidarians and ctenophores, and Nico for fish.

Also, feel free to contact us if you have your own suggestion to make for a project!